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The story of Train 18

Updated: Mar 24

The amazing story of Train 18 by Sudhanshu Mani is similar to the story of ISRO, this success story has set the high standards in Global Markets

The Vande Bharat Express, formerly known as Train 18, is a semi-high-speed, electric multiple-unit train operated by Indian Railways. It was designed and manufactured by the government of India owned Integral Coach Factory, located in Chennai.

Vande Bharat Express is an excellent example of the ‘Make in India’ success story, the Indian

Railways launched India’s first indigenous Semi High Speed train, Vande Bharat Express.

Video Source : Youtube : TEDx

The first Vande Bharat Express train was flagged off on February 15, 2019, on the New DelhiKanpur-Allahabad-Varanasi route.1 On January 15, 2023, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The Vande Bharat Express can run up to a maximum speed of 160 kmph Speed, Safety and Service are the hallmarks of this train. Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai, a Railways Production unit, has been the force behind a completely inhouse design and manufacture, computer modelling and working with a large number of suppliers for system integration in just 18 months.

The Prime Minister’s vision of "Make in India", is now a reality Integral Coach Factory (ICF) designed and built this train in India in just 18 months. this train is matching global standards of performance, safety and passenger comfort and yet costing less than half of global prices and has the potential to be a game changer in the global rail business.

In the Union Budget 2022-23, Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman announced that four hundred new-generation Vande Bharat Trains with better energy efficiency and passenger riding experience will be developed and manufactured during the next three years.

What is special in Vande Bharat Express?

  • The Vande Bharat Express train has an intelligent braking system which enables better acceleration and deceleration.

  • All coaches are equipped with automatic doors; GPS based audio-visual passenger information system, on-board hotspot Wi-Fi for entertainment purposes, and very comfortable seating. The executive class also has rotating chairs

  • All toilets are bio-vacuum type. The lighting is dual mode, viz. diffused for general illumination and personal for every seat.

  • Every coach has a pantry with facilities to serve hot meals, hot and cold beverages. The insulation is meant to keep heat and noise to very low levels for additional passenger comfort.

  • The Vande Bharat Express has 16 air-conditioned coaches of which two are executive class coaches. The total seating capacity is 1,128 passengers.

Vande Bharat 2.0

The Vande Bharat 2.0 will be equipped with a range of advanced features over its predecessor. It will be able to attain maximum speed up to 180 kmph, and will be lighter, weighing 392 ton instead of the earlier 430 ton. The advancements in this new avatar include the following:

  • The Vande Bharat 2.0 trains have the Train Collision Avoidance System for enhanced safety in operations. There will be improved security with four emergency windows added in every coach.

  • The new coaches will have Level-II safety integration certification for better train control. The Vande Bharat 2.0 will also have better fire safety measures with Aerosol based fire detection and suppression system in all electrical cubicles and toilets.

  • There will be superior flood proofing for under-slung electrical equipment to withstand floods up to 650 mm height as compared to 400 mm earlier. The train will also have four emergency lightings in every coach in case of electric failure.

  • There will be enhanced riding comfort for passengers The new Vande Bharat will also have 32-inch LCD TVs There will be a passenger information and communication system in Vande Bharat 2.0. energy efficient ACs with dust free clean air cooling of traction motor will make the travel more comfortable. The trains will also have wifi content on demand.

This will be a great journey for Indian Railways and India has great opportunities to get big orders from Global markets, the story of train 18 is inspiring similar to ISRO and India is adding great value to the Global markets.

I would be concluding my thoughts with this latest video on Vande Bharat train.

Video Source: youtube - The Economic times

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