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Infinity Business Opportunities – 02

Updated: Feb 27

I would like to thank you for the great feedback for the first post i made in this blog. I wanted to keep it simple and to the point.

Post covid19 Apparel industry has a big impact and most of the small business have closed. This Apparel industry is highly disorganized and there are many bad and cheap quality products which is sold in the market, we want to only manufacture good quality products at affordable prices, there are many manufacturers who are producing products in India, but they are not able to meet ends, if they are going to manufacture products, they will not be able to clear the Inventory which results in loss of business.

It is so important to balance Demand and supply where most of the MSME will not be able to sustain, there is no consistency in quality products and lack of awareness and quality control will lead to bad quality products which is sold in Indian Market at cheap rates.

There are many cheap quality products which are sold in the market which gives a bad name to our country, this is due to lack of awareness and the person who is manufacturing will not be able to sell his products and he has to depend on job works to fulfil his needs.

Please share your feedback on this view and look out for this space on how Start-up company in India can solve the problem.

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