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Infinity Business Opportunities

Updated: Feb 27

India is full of Business opportunities​

India is full of business opportunities and it is time we all realize the big opportunities and capitalize on this huge opportunities.

Many things have changed post Covid19 and we see youngster, experienced and just out of college are exploring the opportunity to start new business in India.

Should we step out of our comfort zone?

Yes, we should continue to do what we are doing and take up the new challenges to step out of our comfort zone. This will help us understand where we are in today's market situation and help us re-align with market conditions.

What has changed Post Covid19?

Many learning from post Covid19, we have seen many corporate companies have adopted hybrid working culture, revised the company policies and also ensured the facilities to employees to work from home efficiently.

Good Policies Introduced by Government of India has encouraged many to start their own companies as a Start up and also avail facilities from Government on loans to setup manufacturing units which are made in India Products.

Many small business could not sustain to do the business and were forced to close the business for multiple reasons, the situations today is getting normal and many companies are now looking for marketing and sales agencies who can help to market and sell their products.

Products manufactured in India is now introduced process and systems to maintain good quality standards and it is also costing more comparing to pre-covid19 times, i am specifically referring to Clothing products.

What is required to start a business?

If you are looking to start in a small way, you can register the company and open the Current account in any bank, it is important for your to get the GST registration done to file your GST returns.

Good to have Registered.

  1. MSME Registration

  2. Startup India Registration

  3. Company Registration

These documentations can be done with in 5 working days to start your business.

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