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Can India have Earth Governance Model?

Earth governance model can be formed by G20 the only organization which can take note of all the problems faced by global citizens, I am also referring to a press release made by G20 on 5th April 2023 where the meeting was held on environmental issues in Kerala and discuss many tangible solutions for our global environmental problems.

It is important to have earth governance model in today's rapid urbanisation, polluting cities, deforestation, and heavy industrialisation, we need to have proper governance model to monitor and take required actions.

Image source: ISRO

Will Government of India Empower ISRO to drive Earth Governance Model?

We Need to address two different problems urban cities have different set of problems and villages have different set of problems. we must address on priority wastewater management, dry waste management, educating citizens on segregation of waste, collection of rainwater through drains which divert the water to small lakes in the city. these are the most important grassroot problems which need to be addressed on high priority.

India has a great plan of smart cities across the country and has the list of cities which are part of smart city development programme they will have to ensure proper drains which will collect rainwater and channelize rain water through small lakes in the cities and also ensure these lakes are not polluted with sanitary waters which are released by residents.

Highly populated urban cities do not have sanitary water treatment plants this is having an impact on lakes where sanitary water and lake water are mixed and polluting the lakes in cities. Every city should do a survey and conclude the requirement of sanitary water treatment plants for addressing the water pollution problem in the city.

There is a problem in segregation of dry waste and wet waste from all the citizens of India and it is very important the citizens of India take the responsibility to segregate the dry waste and wet waste separately before disposing the waste to the collection centre.

The Government of India should focus on training programmes and ensure it is executed across the country in all the schools and colleges on segregation of waste this will result in solving the segregation of waste problem where school children and young youths from colleges can pass on this basic knowledge to their next generation and their parents and family members to effectively follow segregation of waste across the country.

The government of India and the respective state government should identify the requirement of dry waste treatment plants and budget to build waste to energy plants to solve the garbage problem across the country. Waste to energy treatment plants is a technology which converts garbage into electricity.

There are many industries which are not following the regulations issued by Government of India and pollution control board there should be a mechanism to enforce these laws to all these polluting industries who are not in compliance with the rules and regulations issued by respective government departments, there should be a transparent audit and penalty clauses to ensure these industries follow the guidelines issued by Government of India and pollution Control Board.

There are many government bodies which are not effectively and efficiently working towards mitigating the problems and addressing the root cause which are polluting our planet earth, internationally there is also a need to have a body which will have a framework of governance model which should be followed by all the countries and enforce the framework across all countries and cities globally.

The earth governance model can be governed by G20 countries which can have framework and guidelines customised to respective countries to mitigate the problems and pollutants which are polluting our planet earth, the policy and the framework should be flexible and strictly follow the rules of the land and address the real problems which are polluting Earth.

The G20 meetings can have the agenda to discuss top 50 problems which are polluting our earth and discuss on solutions, regulations, monitoring mechanism, root cause analysis and strict regulations and guidelines to solve these problems with a defined timeline.

There should also be a political will and transparency to accept the reality faced by all the global citizens and good political will with good policies and regulations the G20 team will be able to solve the problems effectively and efficiently.

Globally, we have many problems like air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, wildfire in forest, oceans are polluted, G20 team has to think in multiple directions and have multiple policies to solve these problems on a war footing basis, India is driving the G20 meetings and also has the willingness to solve real problems phased by global citizens we hope the earth governance model will be discussed and form the committee to focus and address the real environmental problems.

Every country can have their own rules and regulations which can be delegated to the states and union territories and authorise them to have a proper governance model which will enable the states unions territories major cities to solve environmental problems with good empowerment and accountability.

I request readers to express their views in the comment section and be a part of this initiative and support the good cause to give a sustainable earth to our next generation

G20-Press release

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