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Bumpy Bengaluru roads!

Updated: Mar 24

The roads in Bengaluru is bumpy, it is full of potholes and patch work across the city, we were hoping road works will be completed post covid19. The waiting of good roads continues and road infra is moving at a snail pace.

Pre covid19 there were few roads in Bengaluru north which were dug up for BWSSB work and many parts of the city had drinking water pipes and sanitary pipes. we have also observed many resident welfare associations have done great job to connect sanitary and water pipes to restore good roads. we acknowledge many places in Bengaluru north work from BWSSB completed and new roads are also completed. This is just a small part of our garden city.

Citizens of Bengaluru expected good roads before the BMRCL starts the Metro work, but the roads were narrowed down to increase the slow moving traffic across city and unfortunately the service roads are bumpy and bad quality patch work is done.

Every roads in Bengaluru is Bumpy and potholes, the Governance of Bengaluru infra is not serious in solving citizens problems, there are many road accidents deaths due to bad roads and recently there was also a death due to Bengaluru metro pillar collapsed on a 2 wheeler.

3 engineers suspended, 9 booked for metro pillar crash in Bengaluru

Times of India link

A day after a woman and her toddler-son were killed after the reinforcement cage of an under-construction pillar at HBR Layout, near Hennur Cross, crashed on them.

There is a political will to fix the problem and citizens have to continue to face the bumpy roads and pothole problems for the next 3 years and the state elections are just around the corner.

we will have to wait and watch if the 40 months commitment by our Prime Minister of India will be fulfilled.

Presently I am the only person who is driving my thoughts in, I am looking forward to volunteers who are willing to join our India Forum for the betterment of society and city, I am working on a plan where we can take baby steps to make this dream come true.

Volunteers willing to join can write to me on please share your thought in our comment section for good discussion.

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