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Are you a responsible citizen?

Updated: Feb 27

Social responsibility

Wishing you all Happy New year to all our readers! Have great year ahead in 2022.

It is hard to believe many citizens do not understand social responsibility, I have been continuously working in Bangalore for almost 8 years to address civic problems. We group of likeminded citizens have formed a what’s up group and have been discussing on the basic problems like drainage system, bad roads, water problems, potholes, street light, pest control for mosquito problems, cleaning of unwanted plants and many more problems.

We have been interacting with official to address our problems and constant touch with government officials has helped us to build good relationship and this is helping us to solve problems quickly, i will share couple of practical problems we face when we meet official for work to be done. Our locality is just two kms away from International Airport road and we have bad roads and blocked drains, due to bad roads many lost balance when driving 2 wheeler and got injured during walking.

How do we solve this problem?

We formed a residents association and approached respective official with problems we are facing and were acknowledge and promised to solve. we followed up with official until the problems was solved. We were able to solve it due to efforts from likeminded people and we all felt, it is our social responsibility to raise our voice. With this experience I was surprised to know many citizens do not understand social responsibility.

What is social responsibility?

In simple words! It is moral responsibility of every citizen to take care of the society and make a better place to our/your next generation. Think about these points and practice regularly to transform your society and gift a better place to your children’s.

Do you know your neighbour’s?

If you are not aware, who your neighbor’s are? please step out of your house and introduce yourself to them and just have chat with your neighborhood and make sure you meet them at least weekly once and discuss about the problem you are facing in your society, this will help your neighborhood to understand that they are also facing the same problem and you start networking with people who are facing similar problems in your society and work out a plan to solve these common problems and you will be surprised to find a solution for your social problems.

Can you spare One hour in a week to address the social problems in your society?

If you spare one hour in a week for your social problems and if your neighborhood do the same, you are transforming your society for better lifestyle. Please ensure you do it regularly and you will be surprised with the results. Trust me your children will love you and will be remembered for your good work and your contribution to society.

Can you join your community who are solving problems and thank them?

Normally, many citizens want someone else to solve their problems. If you can meet these residents association who are doing selfless service for betterment of society, your thank you will take them extra mile, they will really appreciate you for supporting them and it is your moral responsibility to extend your support, if you continue to spare one hour in a week with them, you are further motivating them to work and strengthen them to take action, by doing this the entire society is participating to address the problem and this will have a big impact on the official and they will be forced to deliver their duties without any excuse, today the problem is there is no citizens participation in social problems, if all society continue this practice the entire city will be a better place.

Do you care for trees?

If you care for environment and love Greenery, please plant 2 tree’s in front of your house and ask your kids to water these plants, by doing this you are taking care of environment and also teaching kids how important it is to plant trees which reduces pollution and gives you fresh air and oxygen.

plan to organize social events like cleaning of unwanted plants, garbage and many other social networking activities to keep continues engagement with your society

Don’t throw garbage on streets?

Please don’t throw garbage on streets and dirty the locality where you are living, it is a crime to do this and this can be solved only by taking up social responsibility. If garbage is not collected regularly talk to official and raise a complaint. If you are going to office for work when the garbage person comes for collection, please talk to your neighbor and request them to instruct the garbage collector to pick your garbage from the designated place. This will help you build good and clean community. Stop citizens who are throwing garbage and educate them about social responsibility.

If you practice these small steps in your daily life you will understand what is social responsibility and you will be surprised to see amazing results like your cities will be transformed to clean and Smart city and India will be clean and Smart India!

we cannot expect Government to solve all problems, it is also every citizen responsibility to create awareness and be responsible to solve these problems and support government to address with permanent solutions.

I hope you will be able to understand what social responsibility can do to transform a locality/community, finally if we transform group of locality/community you will be able to transform a City. Please practice these simple steps to make this world a better place.

If you want to build your community and promote social responsibility please use this is a made in India community building website, this is our own website which has many features which I will be covering in my next post.

Happy Reading and hoping all of you will take social responsibility seriously and share this post to at least two people.

i look forward to your feedback and comments in the comment section.

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